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Inspiring stories from Supergrans clients.


A family that we have been involved with for some time at Oranga Tamariki has really responded well to the services from Supergrans. 

The referral to Supergrans was made because a mother (Kath – not her real name) was struggling with caring for the four year old son.

There had been other services involved in the past however Kath responded best to the in home support.

Supergrans has been the one agency that has made an observable difference for both the child and Kath.


“The SuperGrans sewing classes held in the Feilding Library have been helping me to achieve my goal of learning to sew so I can teach my daughters and make things for them.

The classes have been fantastic so far. I have made muslin wraps, a skirt, a blanket and an outfit for my new born baby.  have learnt how to cut out patterns and how to sew in zips.

I look forward to attending more classes, to learn different techniques and to improve my skills.” 

Kylie Marshall  June 2017


I had never baked before, now I do.  I like the garden.  Nadine (daughter 4yrs) is becoming interested in how it grows and what it tastes like.


We do our activity every Thursday and super excited every Thursday as they have so many different activities that we've really gained a lot from cooking to budgeting heaps of ideas too.

How to make our household a better place and each one of them are so friendly and very helpful.  I am so blessed that I attended this group aside from I found really really good friends and the supergrans activities are just so awesome.

I hope they won't get tired of this workshop and continue to help people with great ideas.”


Suvitra is a recent migrant from Fiji. She and her husband have a wee boy who is nearly two and she loves bringing him along to the workshops where he plays outside in the sun with the other children.

She also is one of the first to get involved in the workshops and is learning new ideas for meals.  Suvitra enjoys spending time with the other parents and it is helping her build her proficiency in English as well.

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