Who we want to help

Anyone who is old enough to learn the type of life skills Supergrans share.
It's not just females that come - we have lots of male clients too.

For individuals

Anyone that would like to enhance some sort of life skill that will help them or their family/whanau to flourish is welcome.

You can refer yourself to us directly or if you know someone that would like to do some upskilling with SuperGrans, you can let us know and we can contact them.

Group and other referrals

Some of our clients are individual or group referrals from other ‘Not For Profit’ organisations, government agencies and community groups. We welcome these referrals.

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Many of our SuperGrans organisations collaborate with others to provide personal development services with the objective of ensuring the client is receiving a comprehensive range of assistance to meet all of their needs.

We really value these opportunities and are always open to new initiatives to collaborate with.

What services do we provide?

  • How to make your income go further.- including supermarket shopping tips.
  • Budgeting
  • Cooking healthy, tasty meals on a shoestring budget
  • Growing your own food
  • Getting into a routine around the home
  • How to do some of the household routines
  • Making your own cleaning products
  • Preserving in-season fruit and vegetables
  • Basic repairs around the home
  • Clothes mending
  • How to apply for a job
  • Other things like this that you might want to learn. Just ask us, we’re sure to have the perfect person for you.

Not all branches offer all of these services, they tend to focus on what is requested most.

We call these ‘Life Skills’ because if you know how to do all of these things really well, life is a whole lot easier.

You don’t have to be bad at them to come to SuperGrans, you just have to want to be even better at them!


Where do you learn these life skills?


All SuperGrans organisations offer to work with you in your own home, one on one with a specially selected and trained volunteer who works under the guidance  of our Supergrans Coordinator.


If you prefer, many of the branches can work with you one on one at their premises where they have kitchens and often gardens.


Some people prefer to learn in a group environment and many of the SuperGrans also offer workshops to meet this need. Coordinators and volunteers work together to provide you with a fun, fulfilling and informative time.

Find a SuperGrans near you

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