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SuperGrans was first established in 1994 in Lower Hutt by Erin McMenamin who at the time was volunteering for the local foodbank. Erin noticed that people were removing items from their food parcels that they were unsure of how to use.  Erin was concerned that half of the food parcel was being returned so thought that this was where we can do the best to help people and communities and so the concept of SuperGrans was born. 

Currently there are 11 agencies across Aotearoa, New Zealand.  Each agency response to the needs of their community in a unique way and we are all committed to reaching and responding with kindness and non-judgement to those who ask for our help to grow and strengthen their knowledge and life skills and diminish unneeded stress.

Our whánau mentors share their knowledge and skills with people in our communities through the concept of kaitiaki mentoring the sharing of generational knowledge. Our wish is to see communities thrive by engaging and empowering people to strengthen their own skills and knowledge and to have the confidence to make changes that will benefit themselves and their whánau.


All SuperGrans agencies work as individual charitable trusts.

SuperGrans Mentors are amazing people

We have a dynamic group of volunteers where age is no barrier, and we encourage volunteers form all genders and cultural groups.  The one thing our mentors have in common, they are generous, community minded and have practical experience, knowledge, and life skills to share with their communities.

Being a whánau mentor for SuperGrans has many benefits.  People who engage in meaningful productive activities in their communities experience improved health and the feeling of wellbeing.  It can boost their confidence, mood and give them a sense of purpose. What a better way to be involved in the community than sharing your knowledge with others.

The whánau mentors at SuperGrans are specifically selected for the type of experience, skills, and knowledge they offer. They receive ongoing training and support to engage in their work.


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Who is SuperGrans Aotearoa?

SuperGrans Aotearoa is the national body for SuperGrans agencies throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. We work alongside the individual SuperGrans agencies promoting and supporting their teams of whánau mentors in sharing their knowledge and skills to people in their communities.

SuperGrans Aotearoa board members are from across NZ. There valuable skills ensure the future growth and sustainability of SuperGrans Aotearoa and SuperGrans agencies.

If you would like to know more about SuperGrans Aotearoa or any of our agencies, please feel welcome to contact our National Director Rachael Carpenter 022 639 2606 or 06 390 0017 [email protected]

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