Te tohatoha i ngā mōhiotanga whakatipuranga

The Sharing of Generational Knowledge
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What's special about SuperGrans?

Our whānau mentors share their knowledge and skills with people in their communities through the concept of kaitiaki mentoring the sharing of generational knowledge. Our wish is to see communities thrive by engaging and empowering people to strengthen their own skills and knowledge and to have the confidence to make changes that will benefit themselves and their whānau.

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Chewing the Fat

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How you could benefit from SuperGrans

Develop your cooking skills
Understand your finances
Sustainable living - growing your own food

Our services are free so you can GROW with SUPERGRANS

What sort of things can I learn at SuperGrans?

  • How to make your household income go further.
  • Better budgeting \ financial mentoring
  • Develop your skills in the kitchen and make healthy low-cost meals
  • Growing your own food
  • Home routines
  • Repairs and maintenance around the home

Who can use SuperGrans?

  • Everyone is welcome - If you, or someone you know is interested in SuperGrans, contact SuperGrans Aotearoa or a branch near you anytime.
  • Referrals from other agencies are welcome.

How do I get in touch with SuperGrans?

You can contact your local SuperGrans agency our locations or contact the National Director or SuperGrans Aotearoa.

Starting a new SuperGrans

If you are interested in starting a SuperGrans agency please  give SuperGrans a call on 027 6004 448 or email National Director [email protected].

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